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Pilonidal Sinus

It is caused by hair and hair follicles that accumulate in subcutaneous soft tissue. It disrupts daily activity and quality of life, causes negative impact on working life.

Symptoms of pilonidal sinüs:

  • swelling and tenderness
  • inflammatory discharge
  • Pain
  • Fever

Reasons of Pilonidal Sinus

Obesity – Poor hygiene – Body hairs are hard, thick and   excessive-  İntergluteal sulcus  is narrow and deep- Excessive sweating – Long sitting


Opening technique: After the diseased tissue is removed, the wound is left open.  Heals itself with daily wound care. Recurrences are very low.

Primer Repair: After the  tissue is removed, the wound is sutured and closed. Recurrence is high.

Flap techniques: Recurrence is low

Phenol injection: 50% phenol is injected from sinüs. This process is repeated two to three times and must be exposed to phenol for three minutes.